The New AzLA Newsletter

By Kassy Rodeheaver

As you may have noticed, the AzLA Newsletter is not in a PDF format anymore. Why make the change? The AzLA Newsletter Committee took a look around the web at other association’s to try and find some inspiration on how to best deliver important statewide news to you. This new webpage/blog format allows for several new features:

  • The blog is searchable on the new site, so you can do a keyword search to find the article that interested you. No more digging through old PDF issues of the newsletter.
  • We can tag blog posts with keywords, so you can go back in time to find all of the articles from our recurring columns (such as YA Corner, President’s Messages, Working the Web, Emerging Tech, etc.) or find articles related to other specific subjects.
  • It’s social! Love an article? You can “thumbs up” it to boost it’s rating? Want to give feedback about more resources an article touches upon? Make a comment on the post and interact with your Arizona colleagues. (hint, hint: This is a chance for you to have value-added online networking with librarians across the state)
  • You can share the latest Arizona library news through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more! If it’s a social media network in the U.S., you can share the blog posts to it straight from our website!
  • RSS is enabled on the blog, so you can subscribe to get new content as it is added.

So, hop on over to the articles that interest you the most so you can connect to the greater librarian community! Also, I want to point out that we’re now featuring two new advertisers (Joel Westervelt Oxford University Press), so take a look at their content and know that they’re helping to support our Arizona Library Association by paying for these ads!

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