Knowledge River Cohort 17 Deadline is March 1, 2018

By Gina Macaluso

Hello Knowledge River Friends and Supporters,

The priority deadline for Knowledge River Cohort 17 is March 1, 2018. Please consider sharing this excellent opportunity with people you know and work with!

Based at the University of Arizona School of Information, Knowledge River is concerned with the information interests and needs of Latinos and Native Americans. Our program offers students the opportunity to earn a Master of Arts degree in Library and Information Science that fosters an understanding of archives, museums and library information issues from the perspective of Latino and Native Americans and advocates for culturally sensitive library and information services to these communities.  Our degree is fully accredited by the American Library Association.

Since its inception, Knowledge River has become a leader in graduate professional education of librarians and information specialists interested in and committed to the information needs of Latinos and Native American communities. When the current cohort graduates, more than 200 librarians and information professionals will have entered the field through Knowledge River.

Most students complete that 37-credit degree within 18-24 months. Support offered to Knowledge River scholars may include tuition and fees, a graduate assistantship (usually involving 20 hours of work per week with a partner library), customized academic advising and support, and peer support from fellow students.

Knowledge River scholars must be accepted for admission into the School of Information graduate program. The priority deadline for Knowledge River Cohort 17 is March 1, 2018. For more information, including how to apply, can be found on our website at Anyone interested is encouraged to email at [email protected] or call us at 520 621-5220 and ask to speak to someone about Knowledge River.

Archivists, librarians and information professionals today are front line information providers and Knowledge River scholars bring the benefits of the Information Age to Native American and Latino communities. We appreciate your support by sharing this information with others. Assistance from colleagues such as yourself is essential for the ongoing recruitment of the most qualified applicants.

If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

Gina Macaluso, MLS, CPM

Assistant Professor, Knowledge River Program Manager at University of Arizona School of Information

Gina Macaluso is President of the Arizona Library Association

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