International Libraries Share Common Concerns

By Jeanne Richardson

The International Coalition of Library Consortium (ICOLC) Europe Meeting 2014 was held at the National Library of Portugal in Lisbon. This meeting covered a variety of issues facing libraries and consortia, and also delved into possible future scenarios.  Of current concern are price increases levied by publishers on short-term lending (STL) of ebooks. Increases vary by publisher and affect differing numbers of books available to libraries. A brief analysis suggests that academic books focusing on education may be the most affected by these price increases.

Another interesting presentation by Richard Wallis (OCLC) and Paul Donovan (EBSCO) encouraged libraries and consortia to share metadata. Why should metadata be recreated by libraries around the country when it could be shared instead? The progress of open access national initiatives in Europe and international publisher initiatives were also informative and posed many questions about article transaction costs, the future of journals as we know them, and author fees that libraries usually pay.

If you are interested in learning more about my time at the ICOLC, please contact me.

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