Horner Fellowship Arizona/Japanese Librarian Exchange Program

By Sarah Kortemeier

Horner Fellowship
An Arizona/Japanese Librarian Exchange Program

The Horner Japanese Exchange Fellowship was established in 1989 under the auspices of the Arizona Library Association through the generosity and foresight of the late Dr. Layton “Jack” Horner and his wife Marian. The mission of this unique fellowship is to foster cultural and informational exchanges between librarians from Japan and from the State of Arizona.

Dr. Horner’s life-long-interest in Japan and his respect and affinity for the Japanese people began during the years 1947-1949. During those years, Layton Horner was assigned to the Shizuoka Military  Government team as Civil Education and Information Officer. As a part of this team, Dr. Horner worked with local Japanese officials to reorganize the school system in Kansai Prefecture. An interesting outcome of this sojourn was an English Study reader written by Dr.Horner and Professor Inamura entitled “Jack and Betty.” Later in life Dr. Jack Horner became a Professor of Japanese History and Culture and wrote two insightful books concerning Japanese and American culture, “The Japanese and the Americans” and “On Both Sides of the Pacific.” Throughout their lives Jack and Marian Horner visited Japan over twenty times, hosted Japanese friends, colleagues, and students, and promoted understanding and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

The Horner Fellowship continues this tradition. To date Fourteen (14) Arizona Fellows have experienced the uniqueness of Japan’s rich and ancient culture and shared information with their colleagues as a result of this fellowship. Likewise, librarians in Arizona have hosted visits by Japanese colleagues and friends. The fellowship has led to a flourishing network of professional and personal contacts between librarians in Japan and Arizona.

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