Fall Renewal

By Dan Stanton

As I write this column, it is the end of August. Students are moving into their dorms, kids are going back to school.

I know we usually think of spring as the season of renewal – plants and animals coming back to life after the long harsh winter. But this is Arizona, and many of us find new life in the Fall, when we can actually go outside during the day, and our bare legs no longer sizzle on the car seat.

Fall is an important time for AzLA. Our Annual Conference is THE event of the year, with big-name speakers, discussions of trending topics, and (hopefully) downtime to recharge your batteries with friends old and new. It will be a veritable cornucopia of networking and professional development, and I hope to see you there! This year we may even get to see some Fall foliage, something missing from the Phoenix area because – well – you need trees with leaves.

One of the challenges with an organization such as AzLA is that members are spread out throughout the state, and our leadership is designed to turn over every year or two, which sometimes makes it difficult to keep momentum going. The advantage is that every year, new people with fresh ideas are willing to step up and keep improving our association. Year after year.

This is likely my last column as President, and I want to sincerely thank those of you who have helped me with counsel, patience, participation, and creativity. I appreciate the efforts of the Executive Board and all the volunteers who have taken the time to contribute to our association. For those who have put your names on the candidate slate, or offered to lead a Division or Interest Group, that’s often the hardest part. I hope you will ask questions of former and current Board members to get a feel for what’s expected. Then, work to make it your own.

I’m not ready to get raked up and sent to the landfill yet, but it is time to make room for new leadership. I look forward to working with and supporting Amber Mathewson in the coming year, and I hope you are too.

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