Cyberpunk Librarian Podcasts: High Tech, Low Budget

By Kassy Rodeheaver

Open source software, cloud-based data storage and retrieval, online security, reddit. These are only a few topics that the Cyberpunk Librarian has covered in his podcasts geared towards librarians and other techies interested in remaining knowledgeable about information creation and curation in the extremely dynamic world of technological advancement in which we now have to navigate. The best part? The Cyberpunk Librarian is a local AzLA member.

Who is the man behind the microphone? Daniel Messer, aka the Cyberpunk Librarian, is the Web Content Manager for the Maricopa County Library District, located in Phoenix, AZ. He maintains a broad background in technology including web development and design, operating systems, mobile operating systems, CMS and blogging platforms, integrated library systems, and digital media production. Beyond the web, he’s a staff and public instructor who teaches classes on library technology, eReaders and digital devices, and online services.

Beyond that, Dan is also extremely passionate about sharing his knowledge. Accessibility is a key factor for why I recommend his podcasts. I was a little worried that I would have a hard time following some of the tech talk, not coming from a very impressive tech background. However, I had no trouble following the discussions and heard lots of very useful tips. He also posts resource lists with all of the links he talks about on the blog, making it very easy to track down later when you’re back at your desk.

Dan recently went meta and did a podcast about making podcasts. If you have ever wanted to start your own podcast or are just curious to hear one person’s interpretation about what resources to use, get examples of other great podcasts, and learn how to go about making your own, you need look no further than our own Cyberpunk Librarian.

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