Connect with Colleagues in Special Libraries

By Erin Lorandos

Hi, my name is Erin and I have a new job.

I’ve spent 11+ years working in public and academic libraries. I have done storytime, I have taught computer classes, and I have done outreach to rooms packed with 200 people. I have lead book discussions, I’ve managed video game tournaments, and I’ve slept overnight in the library. I’ve helped undergrads and doctoral students find sources for their papers. I’ve dressed up as Cinderella, and Wonder Woman. I’ve worked the circulation desk and the reference desk. I’ve pulled books to be sent for digitization, I’ve processed interlibrary loan requests.

And now, I work for the Department of Environmental Quality, managing the Records Center. We don’t even have books in my library. Gasp.

I’m the only librarian here, the only person in my “library” that ever wanted to work in a library.

Sometimes, this makes me sad. But, today – I’m looking at my new position as an opportunity to reach out to other people who might work in similar types of places. My supervisor, who is a lawyer, by the way – asked me if there was a group of librarians similar to me that I could connect with to work on best practices, or to find unique opportunities for the staff of our types of resource centers. I would like to invite you to reach out to me if you see yourself the words above, or if you know someone who does this type of work. I would love to start a conversation about the challenges “libraries” like mine face! Let’s talk!

Erin Lorandos is Chair, AzLA Membership Committee, and Records Center Administrator at the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. She can be reached at [email protected].

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