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By Patricia Jimenez

On Thursday, February 11, 2021, the AzLA Professional Development committee hosted John Chrastka, co-founder and executive director of EveryLibrary, for his presentation Advocacy During an Austerity Budget.

EveryLibrary is the only national political action committee for libraries, and the EveryLibrary Institute is a public policy and tax policy think tank for libraries.

While describing what an austerity budget is, Mr. Chrastka explained how school, public, and higher education libraries can reframe the conversation to advocate for themselves. He urged participants to get to know their audience and understand how they listen, whether it be their compassion for certain populations, their pride of place, an interest in data, or a wish to fill existing gaps. He also showed how we can use both stories of success and failure to reach financial stakeholders.

Mr. Chrastka’s presentation is available for viewing on the AzLA Professional Development Committee YouTube channel:

His slides can be found at:

The webinar audience represented a wide range of libraries. One-third identified as being from a public library, one-third from a school library, while academic and special libraries rounded out the final third. The webinar was attended by a wide range of library workers from technicians and directors to academic faculty and MLIS students. 

Audience feedback for the webinar was overwhelmingly positive. 75% of attendees said they would recommend the webinar to others as well as apply the information to their work.

Some feedback from the audience:

“I appreciate John’s entire presentation. As a school librarian advocate, his thoughts about “defining the negative” were particularly valuable to me. The connection to the five stages of grief for the school board I’ve been working with gives me a new framework and an opportunity to move forward in this time of austerity.”

“The need to focus on story, with the support of stats and to not be afraid of defining the negative, or telling the story of how something needs to be corrected.”

“Helped me to get out of the approach of what we don’t have or can’t do, but this is the gap and what we can do to address campus problems. Gave me a broader perspective of austerity/scarcity funding framework.”

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Patricia Jimenez, MLIS

AzLA Professional Development Chair

She/Her pronouns

teacher-librarian, Sunnyslope High School


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