2020 Louise A. Stephens Memorial Scholarship Winner Article

By John Walsh
Photo of Sheryl Orman, winner of the 2020 Louse A. Stephens Memorial Scholarship
Sheryl Orman, winner of the 2020 Louise A. Stephens Memorial Scholarship

The winner of the 2020 Louise A. Stephens Memorial Scholarship is Sheryl Orman. Sheryl is a student member of AzLA and expressed great gratitude to AzLA for the contribution the organization made to her education at the University of Arizona. Sheryl grew up in Tucson, Arizona and most of her family still lives in Tucson. She spent much of her academic career hanging out in libraries, and came to realize that she loved the library environment. What she really loved was the ability to find whatever information a person needed,  and the fostering of the love of learning that libraries encourage. More importantly she loved the simple enjoyment of helping people. When she began working at the Pima County Public Library, she realized just how grateful she was for the experience she gained in how a library works.

She learned how much she enjoyed working as a page for the Pima County Public Library at the Murphy-Wilmot branch for more than ten years. As her knowledge of the inner workings of the library grew, so did her curiosity about why the branch was organized the way it was, as well as the library system overall, or why certain decisions were made, and how it is all connected. This curiosity was one of the driving forces behind her career choice. She gained insight by questioning and working with the branch librarians. She also interacted with the administrative staff, hungry to learn more about the inner workings of the library. Recently, Sheryl became a Library Associate at the Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr. branch library, where she has been able to gain new skills and experience. Over 140 applicants were competing for the library associate positions at Pima County Public Library, so her getting hired is a real testament to her talents for librarianship. She realized her good fortune and immediately set out to improve her library competencies. Her priority goal is to obtain a master’s degree in library and information science. Once she has her Master’s, she wants to sharpen her outreach skills in library’s services to the community, she believes there is an opportunity for her to help within the community through the library and through her volunteer work with Friends of the Pima County Public Library. 

Her overall goal is to graduate with an MLIS and she dreams of securing a professional librarian position within the Pima County Public Library system. She would like AzLA to know she is ever so grateful for our help in making her dream a reality.

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