AzLA Advertising Rates

Advertising through the Arizona Library Association reaches all readers of our website and our membership of over 500, which includes: 148 Public Library Division (PLD) members, 110 College and University Library Division (CULD) members, 59 Teacher Librarian Division (TLD) members, 16 Special Libraries Division (SLD) members, and 97 members in the special interest group Arizona Librarians for Young Adult Services (ALYAS).

banner, box and vertical layouts for website advertising
Banner, box or vertical placement for ads

Website Advertising

Ads are placed on each page, across the website (not the Newsletter pages at The displayed ad will rotate among the current advertisers. Please send your online ad to our webmaster at [email protected].

Pricing 1 month 3 months
Top banner (725 x 160 pixels) $350 $900
Vertical ad (160 x 600 pixels) $250 $600
Box banner (160 x 160 pixels) $150 $375

Newsletter Advertising

The AzLA Newsletter is published six times a year. Current and archival issues are posted on the AzLA website ( Please send your newsletter ad to the editor at [email protected].

Pricing 1 issue (2 months) 6 issues (12 months)
Top banner (725 x 160 pixels) $350 $900
Vertical ad (160 x 600 pixels) $250 $600
Box banner (160 x 160 pixels) $150 $375

Newsletter Advertising Submission Deadline

The deadline to submit newsletter ads is the 20th of the month (in even-numbered months) for the following bimonthly issue.

Deadline Issue Publication Date
December 20 January/February January 15
February 20 March/April March 15
April 20 May/June May 15
June 20 July/August July 15
August 20 September/October September 15
October 20 November/December November 15

Advertising Guidelines

  1. All advertising is subject to editorial approval and the editor and webmaster reserve the right to refuse any advertising deemed inappropriate.
  2. Payment for advertising must be made in advance, or alternate arrangements must be made in advance.
  3. The editor or webmaster will make the final decision on placement of the ad unless special placement arrangements are made at the time of purchase.
  4. All copy must be submitted in an electronic form in pixels saved as a GIF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, or BMP format. GIFs and JPGs must be at least 300 dpi and BMPs must be at least 600.

Invoicing and payment processing is managed by the AzLA administrative office. If you have questions, please call 928-288-2011 or email [email protected].