AzLA Newsletter

January/February 2017

From the President: Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe that over a year has passed since I became President-Elect of AzLA, and I am now President.

Urban Libraries Council Forum 2016: Getting to the Evidence

On October 5–7, I attended the ULC Forum 2016: Getting to the Evidence in Kansas.

Engaging Arizonans with FRANK Talks

When you turn on the news each day, it’s not always easy to find moments of people talking, listening, and reflecting civilly with one another.

The Research Institute for Public Libraries: What I Learned

The Research Institute for Public Libraries is a relatively new event created by the large library organizations in Colorado with support from the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

Adventures of a Roving Bookmobile Driver

Ron Kelley recently published an article about the City of Flagstaff-Coconino County Public Library Bookmobile in High Country News.

A Case for Sensory Storytime

If you’ve ever spent time in the children’s area of your library, you’ve probably seen them. The parents that are hovering much too closely to their children while wearing an expression of embarrassment.

Children’s Author/Illustrator Network: January/February 2017

Contact Mary Wong at (623) 486-2582 for information or to schedule a visit with authors located outside of Arizona.