AzLA Newsletter

July/August 2015

Making Connections in Flagstaff

I’m always surprised by the number of current AzLA members – 946 (not including vendor members).

Computers in Libraries 2015: Telling Stories with Technology

Too often, libraries find themselves having to choose between seemingly contrasting extremes. More staff? More materials? More hours? More programs? More technology? More outreach?

School of Information Professor Visits Prescott Valley Public Library

It is not often that Prescott Valley Public Library is host to such amazing speakers as Dr. Michael Stephens.

Handling Library Stress

Someone that doesn’t work in public libraries may find the title of this column a joke. They may think, “How could working in a library be stressful? All you do all day is work at a desk and help people find books.”

Make Way for Books Early Literacy App

In an effort to support families in integrating emergent literacy into their daily routines, Make Way for Books has created an early literacy app in partnership with the Pima County Public Library.

Nominations Needed for AzLA Service Awards

Please nominate a colleague for one of the AzLA Service Awards! This is a great opportunity to recognize individuals and groups making a difference in Arizona libraries.

Attend the MPLA/WLA Annual Conference

In January, the AzLA Board voted to offer in-state annual conference registration rates to any other MPLA state association that would offer the same rates to AzLA members.