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Guidelines for Submissions

Deadline for submission of material is the 20th of the month (in even-numbered months) for the following month’s issue.

Submission Deadline Issue of Publication Publication Date
December 20 January/February January 15
February 20 March/April March 15
April 20 May/June May 15
June 20 July/August July 15
August 20 September/October September 15
October 20 November/December November 15

All items should:

  • Be brief (about 500 words)
  • Be informational and written with a library audience in mind
  • Include a title and the author’s name, affiliation, email address and phone number.

Photographs or graphics are encouraged. Submit images separately from text in PNG, GIF, or JPG formats.

The editor reserves the right to edit all articles for content and length.